BAC1-11 XX919

This is an ex DERA and RAE aircraft,  part of passenger cabin forward, which is normally open to the public.

Link D4 Trainer

An early form of flight simulator used for teaching instrument flying, it may be available to “fly” when appropriate guides are  available.

BDAC—Old Sarum Airfield Museum


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Text Box: Phoenix UAV ZJ477
Text Box: This is a complete airframe used by the army for tactical battlefield surveillance (on the Larkhill range).

Mirach 100/5 UAV ZJ748

This is a complete airframe it was used as a multi-role, multi-threat, high performance subsonic and re-usable target drone on the Aberporth and Hebrides ranges.

Basset B-206Z XS743

This aircraft was used by ETPS to train test pilots and is highly modified with a variable stability control system.  It is currently not open to the public. It was gifted by QinetiQ to BDAC.